The growing cities of Poland

The growing cities of Poland

• Warsaw, Kraków and Katowice
• Homes, museums and cultural and conference centres
• Friday to Sunday, three days and two nights

Archtours organised a three-day study tour to Poland for a Norwegian architectural office in late October. The flight connections and high-speed rail service in Warsaw and Kraków made it possible to study development projects and architecture in three cities in three days.

Rapid economic growth, support from the EU and international investments have facilitated urban housing production and a high level of construction activity in Poland. New museums have also been built to showcase Polish art, theatre, film and history.

On the first day of the tour, the group studied two housing design projects in Kraków. Other sites in Kraków included cultural buildings, museums and the ICE Kraków Congress Centre. On the second day, the group visited Katowice, where an old coal mine area has recently been converted into a zone of cultural buildings. An international congress centre, the Silesian Museum and the home venue of the Polish National Radio Symphony Orchestra constitute a new urban space where green roofs and careful landscape planning pay homage to the history of the area. Based on the feedback, Katowice and its cultural zone were the most popular destinations of the tour.

After a day in Katowice, the group took the train to Warsaw. The Polish capital has developed into a metropolis of 2.3 million people. On the third day, the group visited JEMS Architects and their office building, Agora. In Warsaw, the group learned about residential construction and the Koszyki market hall, which isrecently converted into an oasis of restaurants.

Are you interested in a study tour to Poland? Contact us, and we will plan a tour tailored for your group.

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