Archtours is an expert in architectural tours

We organise high-quality study tours for groups to the most fascinating cities and growing metropolises in the Nordic countries, Europe and other parts of the world. Through Archtours, you will get a local architect guide for your tour, our up-to-date expertise in architecture, as well as any travel services you may need, from flights to hotels.

Archtours organises high-quality study tours specialised in architecture and city planning

Our tours offer new perspectives and inspiring examples for our customers’ construction and urban development projects.

For nearly two decades, Archtours has provided architects and developers with opportunities to visit and study interesting and topical destinations. On-site experiences are essential in understanding architecture and city planning.

Culture and Traffic Spur Development in Madrid

Archtours organised a trip to Madrid for a municipal property development company. The group learned how museums develop the city.

Scandinavian City Life – Copenhagen & Helsingør

Archtours organised a study tour to Copenhagen and Helsingør for a Norwegian architectural agency from Lillehammer in mid-October.

New School Architecture in the Helsinki Region

Archtours organised a study tour about Finnish school architecture for the employees of a German architectural office specialising in energy efficiency.

Explore Architecture in the Most Fascinating Cities

We organise study tours to the most fascinating cities and growing metropolises in the Nordic countries, Europe and other parts of the world.

Archtours plans and organises trips that meet our customers’ needs and wishes. With nearly two decades of experience and an extensive network of contacts, we will find the sites and destinations that best suit our customers’ needs.


Get inspired by our latest projects and news.

Explore housing in Amsterdam

Amsterdam is one of the world’s leaders in innovative housing architecture. 

New housing in Jätkäsaari

Jätkäsaari in Helsinki is a harbour area that is being converted into a dense urban housing area.

Vienna and Bratislava – Cooperating Across Borders

Separated by the Iron Curtain for decades in the past, these two cities have never been closer.

Modern and

Multifaceted Milan

Boasting a rich architectural history and vibrant cultural scene, Milan is a beautiful place to visit also for its many new developments and areas.

Helsinki from the sea

Get to know the city from a new perspective, seeing the newest developments and areas under construction along the coast of Helsinki.

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