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Archtours provides study tours for groups, focusing
on architecture and city planning.


The company was established in Finland in 1998. Our office is located in Helsinki. Our continuously expanding network of guides currently covers more than 14 cities in Europe and on other continents. In the Nordic countries, we provide services in more than ten languages.

Archtours is a member of the Association of Finnish Travel Agents, an accredited IATA agency and a package travel agency registered with the Finnish Competition and Consumer Authority. In addition, the company is a member of the Laatutonni quality assurance system for the Finnish tourism industry.


Marianna Heikinheimo

CEO, architect,
D.Sc. (Architecture)
+358 50 350 4700

Sami Heikinheimo

Administrative director, Master of Laws
+358 50 558 7938

Kiira Halinen

+358 50 430 4808

Network of
architectural guides

Our extensive network of local guides is the heart of our operations. The Archtours guide network includes architects and city planning professionals in more than 14 cities in Europe and on other continents. In addition to serving as guides, they contribute their local expertise to planning the tours.

More than 130 architects have been involved in our guide network since 1998. Are you interested in becoming our guide? Send us a message!


We are always looking for new freelance guides.

The guide is the soul of the study tour. We are seeking architects and professionals in architecture and city planning who are skilled in languages and are actively following developments and trends in their locations. Our guides work as freelancers, usually alongside their full-time or part-time jobs.

Expert guides are needed in particular in Helsinki, Stockholm and Copenhagen. However, we are also actively expanding our network in other cities.

Are you interested in becoming a guide? Send us an email (archtours@archtours.com), and we will tell you more!

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