new coastal areas, high-quality schools and wooden ARCHITECTURE


The architectural highlights of Helsinki include new districts by the sea, modernism, schools and cultural buildings, to name just a few examples. The coastal city of Helsinki is the heart of Finland’s most important metropolitan area. The combined population of Helsinki, Espoo and Vantaa is more than a million people, and Tallinn is just 80 kilometres away across the sea.

Helsinki is expanding into coastal areas

New, interesting architecture keeps emerging in the growing Helsinki region. The new master plan is taking strong growth into account, and the city structures are being densified by making use of former harbour areas next to the city centre. The City of Helsinki owns most of the land area, which has made it possible to implement high-quality social housing projects in excellent locations by the sea.

Ambitious residential projects are being implemented in the Kalasatama and Jätkäsaari districts. The new areas have excellent public transport connections and bicycle routes, high-quality local environments with works of environmental art, as well as innovative recycling systems and energy-efficiency solutions. The development of the metro and rail traffic network will continue to shape the city over the next few decades.

Learning environments

Numerous innovative school, university and office construction projects add to the attraction of Helsinki. Finns value education, which is reflected in the impressive architecture of new day-care centre, school and university buildings in the Helsinki region, as well as thoughtfully renovated old buildings.

Urban wooden architecture in the land of forests

Finland has a strong tradition of timber construction. Recent examples include the Kamppi Chapel and Löyly, a public sauna and restaurant. Wood is increasingly being used in residential construction as well. The ecological districts Viikki and Kuninkaantammi are good examples of this. 

Culture in Helsinki

Cultural buildings are important landmarks in Helsinki. The Helsinki Music Centre (2011) and the Kiasma Museum of Contemporary Art (1998) will be accompanied by Oodi, the new main city library, and Amos Rex, an extension to the Amos Andersson Art Museum, in 2018.

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Themes in helsinki

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