Separated by the Iron Curtain for decades in the past, these two cities have never been closer. Only 55 kilometers lie between the capitals Vienna and Bratislava – similar to Helsinki and Tallinn.

Located on the Danube river, both cities are connected in many ways, which is why around the year 2000, political decision-makers started to cooperate on manifold levels, such as policy making, economic development and urban planning, to initiate and foster exchange.

The “Twin City Region Vienna Bratislava” concept was born, aiming for close collaboration in the future. On a larger scale, the “Centrope Region” includes surrounding areas of the four neighboring countries, Eastern Austria, Southern Czech Republic, Western Slovakia and Western Hungary – a dynamic economic space with more than 6 million inhabitants.

The Economist recently awarded Vienna “the world’s most liveable city” – the first ever European city to top the list. The capital houses headquarters of many international organizations, such as the United Nations, and is one of the best places of European cities for young people, offering a study place for more than 200 000 students of all nationalities.

Bratislava is the only tri-border city in the world. It is often referred to as an urban laboratory. The capital of Slovakia, formerly in the slipstream of Vienna, gained self-confidence and experienced dynamic economic development. According to recent calculations of Eurostat, Bratislava is ranked number six in GDP per capita amongst all European regions.

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 Photos: Sami Heikinheimo / Archtours

Text: Oliver Rosenauer, edited by Kiira Halinen

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